Lagos State House Of Assembly Member Tells FG To Stop Airing BBNaija

The consensus to stop airing Big Brother Nigeria is gathering momentum every day by say. A member of the Lagos state House of Assembly, Segun Olulade, has called on the Federal Government to direct the Nigeria Broadcasting Commission NBC to stop airing the reality TV show, Big Brother Nigeria.

Earlier today, an NGO have also wrote a petition to NBC (read the petition here) to stop airing BBNaija because it doesn't add any value to Africa and Nigeria in particular. They NGO cited that the show is a corruption to the reality shows going on in Nigeria as such should be stopped immediately as it does more harm than good to the society.

In a statement released today, Olulade who is the Chairman, Lagos State House of Assembly Committee on Health Services, said the show is not in anyway promoting the African values. According to him, the content of the show is alien to the values and culture of Nigeria. 

His statement in part reads:

“We have culture and tradition in this country that we must not allow to die. The Federal Government, through the Minister of Information and Culture, needs to reconsider the implications of Big Brother Naija on our culture and youths. The content of Big Brother Naija reality show is alien to our culture. This show is contrary to the rich cultural values we are trying to promote and bring to the front burner. It is sad that our young children including adults are made to watch such content. This kind of programme promotes obscenity and immorality. 

We must not encourage such if our hallowed cultural heritage would be preserved. We cannot prevent our inquisitive young ones from watching the obscene displays that permeate the show. I think the Nigeria Broadcasting Commission (NBC) should, without delay, stop this programme if this government means business in the promotion of our cultural values. 

The show does not add any value to our education, social and economic life. It is a big mockery of Nigerian culture and tradition. I will want to urge all parents and guardians to be on their guard and guide their children and wards aright on what they watch on TV. The implication of allowing the children to keep watching this show can be negative. Our children should not be allowed to be corrupt because this may affect their future aspiration,”

Should NBC stop this show?
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