#IStandWithBuhari Protesting Alongside #IStandWithTuface Is A Recipe For Disaster - Exlink Lodge

#IStandWithBuhari Protesting Alongside #IStandWithTuface Is A Recipe For Disaster - Exlink Lodge

I have not seen a country as naive and as myopic minded as this my dear country called Nigeria. I can't fathom if it is the governed or the government is more myopic minded than the other. #IStanadWithBuhari all of a sudden wants to join the #IStandWithTuface to protest. Protest what if i may ask? What is this protest about that Buhari's camp is jilting already?

Am forced to say this in CNN's anchor Hala Basha-Gorani's voice; "This country is gone". This is stupid of APC to craft up with their despicable manners and who even told them that 2Baba is protesting against President Muhammadu Buhari in the first place. This is quiet unprecedented. I cannot even hide my shame on how other countries will be laughing at us now. Professor Wole Soyinka said and I quote "I am ashamed to occupy the same geographical area with this kind"

I want to believe that everybody have his or her own opinion about the incumbent government but i beg to ask this question: How is it that people are supporting this government with this kind if inflation and hardship in Nigeria? I personally have to be God myself to have patience with this government. We are buying $1 for N500 for God sake. Fuel is now N145 and common Kerosene that the common man use is now N450 per liter. I mean per liter. How is it that their is something called #IStandWithBuhuari? Someone should answer me please.

Consequently, were is the NPF? How is it that our Nigeria Police Force have not warned this charlatans that want to protest via the guise of #IStandWithBuhari on the same day that #IStandWithTuface have announced earlier that they are protesting?  Why is it that the Police force (who are charged with the responsibility of holding the peace of this country) have not stopped their protest or even released any statement on this regards. If it is the duty of the police to protect the peace of this country, they should call this #IStandWithBuhari off. 

Oh wait a minute, the NPF Inspector General was hand picked by President Buhari and will stop at nothing to dis-stabilize the protest 2Face wants to convene. I say God luck to you guys ok. Kill everyone and only you people will remain and you will govern yourselves.

This is disheartening. I advice the NPF to do something about this before it gets out of hand because their is absolutely nothing else this so called #IStandWithBuhari wants to do than to cause chaos. Do your job first before serving your master. Whether you like it or not, Nigeria is our country and is bigger than any individual.

To before warned is before armed.

Below are the reactions of people over the proposed protest of #IStandWithBuhari folks.

#IStandWithBuhari Protesting Alongside #IStandWithTuface Is A Recipe For Disaster - Exlink Lodge #IStandWithBuhari Protesting Alongside #IStandWithTuface Is A Recipe For Disaster - Exlink Lodge Reviewed by Exlink Lodge on Wednesday, February 01, 2017 Rating: 5

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