#IStandWithBuhari: President Buhari's Supporters Rally Hits Lagos Today - Photos

Lagos residence today were filled with awe as massive supporters of Nigeria current president, Muhammadu Buhari came out en masse to rally in Lagos for their unflinching support of Mr. President. They are happy that the federal government is doing well for the people of the country under the current administration with issues like security and corruption being properly tackled.

According to Naij.com, the rally was organized by a coalition of pro-Buhari organisations under the aegis of Citizens Support for Good Governance in Nigeria is behind the rallies which are tagged: “I Support President Buhari” and was the last of its type held across four Nigerian cities since Tuesday, February 14. 

I particularly wonder why these people support the present government because to me, apart from the issues of security, which i know they are cubing at least as well as a few corruption mayhem which i know they are trying and selective as a matter of fact, i can't see any reason prompting the support.

To be candid and frank at the sometime, I don't even know what they are supporting him for. The killing of Christians OR the devaluation of Naira OR the falling of our economy? The inflation of goods without increase in salaries to compensate it? If you ask me, i will say they are crazy.

This is my opinion anyway, whats yours?

Photo Credit: Naij.com

#IStandWithBuhari: President Buhari's Supporters Rally Hits Lagos Today - Photos  #IStandWithBuhari: President Buhari's Supporters Rally Hits Lagos Today - Photos Reviewed by Exlink Lodge on Thursday, February 16, 2017 Rating: 5

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