4 Different Online Jobs That Can Make A Nigerian Unemployed Graduate Rich

4 Different Online Jobs That Can Make A Nigerian Unemployed Graduate Rich

Mo need to let you know how difficult it is to get a job in Nigeria unless you have this special connect that can link you. It’s not just easy spending years in the university and coming out to join the queue of those in the labour market job hunting. But not-withstanding, the race it’s not for the ones work the hardest but to those who work the smartest. It’s not easy being a Nigerian unemployed graduate. The shame, loss of self-confidence, that your peers who had gotten something good doing with their lives have left you behind.

If you cannot get a job offline why don’t you try online jobs. Many of them are freelance. I know many who makes a lot of money daily and weekly from online jobs more that those earning a regular monthly salary.

Here are 4 lucrative online jobs a Nigerian unemployed graduate can do to make money.

Content writing/provider

Content writing is very lucrative. Presently, blogs, sites and companies are looking for content writers and providers to create contents for their websites and other social media platforms for promotions. So you can actually stay at home and become a freelance content writer. I know content writers who charges as much as N2,000 per article. So imagine you charging N1,000 and you write for about 5 to 10 companies daily. Oga you don make money pass some civil servants. If you are good in writing, why don’t you advertise yourself on social media and other websites like Nairaland. Those who needs your services will get intouch with you.

Digital marketing: 

All companies needs digital marketers. As business trends are changing, companies, brands are marketing and promoting their brands on the internet so they need digital marketers who can use online avenues and tools like social medias, emails, blogs, websites etc to market their products and services. You can become a freelance digital marketer, promoting goods and services for companies.

Social media manager

 So many guys have turned to millionaires by getting paid managing social media handles for brands. Some weeks back, I was contracted by two brands to manage their social media handles, posting daily news about the company and new innovations while seating at the comfort of my house. Ofcourse I was paid for it. If I can do it! You can. Being a Nigerian Unemployed graduate doesn’t limit you delving into other things. You can really make huge amount of money managing many company’s handles.


If I for no add this one, e go get as e be. In the last couple of years, blogging has taken new dimensions. Bloggers are richer than some musicians, if you doubt go and ask Linda ikeji. Yes you are unemployed but you can still create your own economy, become self-employed and blog for people. But you just have to be patient to eat the fruit of your labour.

Source: Hona Buzz
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