Married Woman Boasts Of Sleeping With Younger Boyfriend On Facebook

Women are getting wilder and wilder this days. And i sincerely believe if the government eventually signs into bill 'gender equality' their will be a mayhem in this country because wife will literary kill their husband and claim he committed suicide.

Even as the law is not in place yet, women kill their husband like chicken. A lady friend boosted to me that 'why will i want my hubby dead now? He doesnt have anything now, whe he is rich, i will kill him myself'. He thinks he is smart.

Older women these days are shameless. They engaging in s*xual escapades with younger men in the name of enjoyment and this married 42-year-old woman proudly shared her s*xual escapade with his young lover or as they are fondly known as Ben 10 or sugarboy.

Apparently, the thing sweet her so much that she shared the whole story on Facebook much to the excitement of Facebook users who followed the whole conversation.

Here is her story:

".....The sound of a ringing phone seemed to far to worry my spent body. As a lay sprawled on his bed, ...... I felt more at home than I have ever felt in my 20 plus years in marriage... In my 42 years on earth no man has ever keyed in so much passion in my life, this young one barely out of his teens, a boy the age of my first born son has aroused so much passion in me no words can express my desire for Kenna, even his name reminds me of how boldly I have cradle robbed. Isorait after all where was his mama when he was attaining all this s*xual prowess.. hakuna matara.

"After consistent ringing of my phone which I boldly chose to ignore a text comes in and I finally get the courage to move my baby literally a baby off me and read the text.. "baba ciru amefika sahii anauliza uko wapi".

"Sema kupanic, I start trembling looking left, right and center for all my red top was in the living room floor my black figure hugging trousers made it to the bathroom floor albeit from having a quick shower together as was the norm before we engaged in whatever s*xcapades we had planned for the night. (Can't trust a child to clean himself you know) but for the life of me I can't find any underwear. "Kenna Kenna Kenna please wake up" (of cos he is sleeping like a baby.. what do you expect he is a baby nkt). I quickly put on my clothes without underwear and head out to my car, to my home, to a waiting baba ciru..."

To be honest with u, this is not a joke cuz i have been privileged to witness this kind of thing first hand. I know a lady that left his husband on the bed in the midnight and ran to her boy friend's house because he is having a headache. When the man was narrating the story, i was shocked.

Anyway, God all i need is children, after that, women can go to hell.
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