#IStandWith2Baba Now Trending - I will No Longer Keep Quiet Say 2Baba

#IStandWith2Baba Now Trending On Tweeter - See What People Are Saying

Legendary Nigerian music idol 2Baba aka 2Face Idibia have taking everybody by surprise especially the corrupted politician in the country, for his new quest to make sure the voice of the common man is heard in Nigeria. He intends to kickoff a nation wide protest against the government of APC which is led by current President Muhammadu Buhari.

2Baba have therefore come under heavy criticism because of his new found endeavor but he is not relenting. Notably, two professors have taken turn on him calling him an illiterate who doesn't know what a condom is and they other pointing our that he also benefited from the kleptocracy governance of the government at the center.  

One of his own "brother" in the music industry, (though arguably), Blackface also called him out today emphacizing on the pronouncement of one of the professor who said he was an illiterate. In all, 2Baba is determined to journey in this endeavor and nothing anyone can do about it. He is recieving a lot of support from people and organization like "EIE" are in on it too.

However, #IStandWith2Baba is the latest hashtag that is trending like wild fire on twitter right now and it is a place to be to contribute your quota as well as supporting this God sent called 2Face.

See what people are saying below....

What 2Baba during an interview with EIE..
People's reactions....

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