Devilish Act - Man Catches Wife Giving 5-year-old Son ‘Mouth Action’

I swear some women are under a heavy spell. This i believe cannot be done by someone who is with her senses. Daily Post reports that a 42 years old man has threatened to divorce his wife after allegedly catching her giving his 5-year-old son Mouth Action. The man, who said he has been married to his wife for seven years, claimed his wife is not even remorseful over the devilish act.

In a letter sent to DAILY POST’s True Confession page, the man, who gave his identify only as Jeff, said he was interested in seeking the opinion of the general public before he goes ahead with his decision.

In his words: 

“I am one man who doesn’t want to get third party involved in my relationship or family affair but this one is beyond me. I am married to my wife for seven years now and we are blessed with two kids – boy and a girl.

“My wife has been jobless since losing her banking job and we are waiting on God to provide another one. Though, I do all I could to make her comfortable even in her jobless state.

“However, I was shocked recently when I caught her sucking my five-year-old son’s private part. “She was so carried away with the act that she didn’t notice when I entered the children’s room. When I confronted her, she said she was only luring him to sleep.

“She insisted that even at that, there was nothing wrong in playing with her son’s manhood. This is beyond me and I think the general public should help me to look into this,” he wrote.

The man who cautioned that his real identity must not be disclosed also refused to provide his wife’s mobile details for confirmation, but assured of tracking the story in order to get public opinion on what he tagged, ” my wife’s inordinate and sodomic act.

Source: Daily Post
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