Multiple Accidents Hit Enugu State, Rendering Many People Dead - Graphics

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The Onyeama Hill (Ugwu Onyeama) which is located in-between Ngwo 9th Miles and Enugu metropolis is well known for high rate of accidents which have claimed numerous lives and put some in serious coma. This is the major road for all vehicles coming from different parts of the country and cuts through to the State capital. Surprisingly, this road has received just a little careless attention from the government over the years. Remind me again why accidents wouldn't be rampant on a sloppy road that has deep potholes even at the centre ?

Christmas is a festival of birth marked with high rate of death and immoralities. A season to some, an opportunity to showcase their reckless life style. No matter how careful one would be, there is someone who would not be as careful are you are. One who wouldn't drive safely just like you. Who then are we to blame for this high rate of accidents on Onyeama Hill especially in festive periods like Xmas.

The major cause of accidents on Onyeama hill is not farfetched: large potholes and topography. This road serves as death trap to the citizens and even animals (especially cows from the North). Until recently, the government had over the years showed less concern over the road and it's potential danger; the threats it possess. In November, the state of the road had been improved a bit to suit the Decemeber rush and cubaccidents but you know what to expect from a job done in a hurry by a careless government.

Another reason for the accidents on Onyeama hill is as a result of break failure of both trucks, trailers and smaller vehicles. Due to the sloppy nature of the hill, vehicles with high speeds are liable to break failures. Even the ones on deceleration might collide with the one moving at the opposite speed, which might result to something fatal and bloody. What about trucks that depend highly on air to put their tyres to a halt? You know the danger that poses when the air refuses to pump into the break.

Aside the government and break failure, drivers are also to blame.Accidents of course occur on smooth and level roads. Most of the drivers are reckless and careless. Onyeama Hill demands a careful driver who would take time to drive through the potholes and at the same time avoid oncoming trucks, trailers and other vehicles. The hill would also never be a safe driveway for amateur drivers or learners per say.

To minimize the high rate of accident on Onyeama Hill, the government should make an effort in building the road to a very good standard. The drivers should also inspect their vehicles and repair any detected fault. Finally, the drivers should drive carefully and safely.

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