I Don't Believe In The Bible, It's Fake, Igbo Man Wants To Marry Me - Kemi Olunloyo

This lady is going from popularity to becoming nuisance. Is it a must to be in the limelight even though you don't have anything meaningful to say? Na wa oo, which means people will literal die if people stop giving a shit about them. Anty Kemi, you are proving to be something i do not understand. 

Daughter of a former Governor in Nigeria, Kemi Olunloyo has expressed her disregard for the bible in a fresh social media message to her thousands of followers. She took her time to explain her stand, as she claims the bible is riddled with 'fake' stories. She also claimed Christmas is not associated with being a Christian as its being purported all over the world. Miss Olunloyo has a history of provoking people on social media with questionable posts for the purpose of staying relevant.

She captioned it this time "Why I Don't Believe in the Bible":

"Many of u fans all over social are asking me how I knew about Jesus and God if not the bible. Stupid dumbass question.

The answer is FROM MY UGLY SUNDAY SCHOOL TEACHER who told us stories. I don't believe or read the bible. I will never touch it again. It is full of fake stories. God NEVER ENDORSED the bible! He asked us to worship him directly not thru a book or pastor. If more people were spiritual like me rather than being religious, this will be a better world.

I became a born again spiritual being Sunday December 25th 2011 and now this Sunday December 25th 2016 #Kesus is back. Remember Kesus, my spiritual name. I don't do church, don't respect pastors or read the bible. So many versions of it too. That King James (Lebron) version is the FAKEST!

The real King in the biblical days was not even A CHRISTIAN and his royal biblicalness had no business writing a BIBLE. Christianity has nothing to do with Christmas! Jesus was not even born December 25th either. Lies everywhere. 400 ppl got blocked off my verified Facebook page's 77,000 and I'm ready to block another 400 who insult me.

There is an Igbo guy in my inbox now who says he wants to marry me and get rid of my bachelorette reality show, good looking and all and I must "give my life to Jesus" begging me. He says if I do he will give me $100K aka N48M. He's a company CEO. You can't even "buy" me with these Jesus freak lines. I already love Jesus and God and that's why my Christmas name is #KESUS.

Absolutely no bibles, pastors or church. Religion is the biggest lie to mankind. I see ppl heading to #Mecca to stone the devil. The devil is already in ur home, office, everywhere and many DIE in stampedes there! I'm not religious, I'm spiritual.

I Don't Believe In The Bible, It's Fake, Igbo Man Wants To Marry Me - Kemi Olunloyo I Don't Believe In The Bible, It's Fake, Igbo Man Wants To Marry Me - Kemi Olunloyo Reviewed by Exlink Lodge on Thursday, December 22, 2016 Rating: 5

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