Hello Mr. President, Please Sack Sports Minister Mr. Dalung - Supported???

Sports Minister Dalung has been a gift from President Buhari that keeps on giving and the internet has been having a laugh at the expense of him. As the cameras rolled during a House of Reps committee meeting, Dalung let a powerful grammatical blunder which Nigerians cannot forget so quickly.

As a committee member quizzed Dalung on why he exceeded  the approved funds for his Ministry, Dalung responded with the English that won't be forgotten too easily.

"The funds SPENDED were properly SPENDED"

To be fair, everybody is entitled to a grammatical blunder once in a while, so, Dalung's "SPENDED" isn't even the issue here. The issue is whether he'll admit, even in his quiet moments, that he's committed a grammatical blooper. Chances are that in Dalung's mind, he was grammatically correct. And that's the problem with Dalung.

When one doesn't know that he doesn't know, is the worst sickness in life.

President Muhammadu Buhari's sports minister has treated us to one gaffe after another; not for once admitting there were gaffes. Not for once admitting that he misspoke. Not for once admitting he's incompetent. He didn't flinch when he said Nigeria shouldn't be at the men's world cup because the competition is a corrupt enterprise.

Dalung showed no remorse when he referred to the land of his birth as the United States of Nigeria. He didn't even wince when he said no one expected the Super Falcons to win the Africa Women's Championship. And as the men's U-23 football team were left stranded in the United States days before the Olympics, Dalung asked aloud what they were doing in a camp in the U.S.

Here's Dalung in his elements: The issue of our U23 national team suffering in the United States of America is news to me. "They (Dream Team VI) didn’t tell us what they were there for and who took them there. It doesn’t mean that if somebody goes to the market and has problem then you will come and ask the ministry (of Youths and Sports). The question is who took them there? And what are they there for?

“Because they are U23 national team and they went to the US and they are having problems, does that become our business? “When they were travelling to US from your information, were you told we that we were informed? Before you (the media) asked us to account for something you should know whether we were aware of it.

“So, if somebody has a birthday of his friend and he moves his team to go and play (there) you cannot come back to ask me to account for it. If they are throwing them out of the hotel (in the US), then they should know who took them there".

Dalung is a walking embarrassment. He's been that way since November 2015. And Dalung won't stop being Dalung because he was born that way. Even Dalung can't help himself. Every comment reveals just how out of his depth he is. There have been reports that a cabinet reshuffle is imminent. Dalung should top the list of those who'll be asked to leave.

The man has long overstayed his welcome. The irony is that it took all of six months to hire him. Alongside several other ministers in the Buhari cabinet, this beret wearing dude is a misfit--the ideal meaning of an error.

We should help his case by asking him to take his leave.

He's a spended--sorry--spent force. 
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