UPS Workers Kicks As One Of Their Colleagues Slumped & Dies

UPS staff thrown into morning as one of their colleague whom reports say is very healthy all of a sudden slumped and died instantly. Mr Anthony Ojo, a long serving staff of United Parcel Service, UPS, Friday evening slumped and died. A staff of the company confided in DAILY POST that Late Ojo was a dedicated worker of 23 years.

“This is a sad day for those of us who know him. Mr Ojo worked tirelessly. He is a father of 5, including a set of twins. He usually worked till late and resumed early every morning just to clear pending tasks. "His death while on duty is generating anger from most staff. Honestly, UPS does not really treat its staff well; you can ask others. Management owes us bonuses, no staff bus, despite the stress, while other benefits are delayed.

“Contract staff suffer and dispatch riders suffer most. A non-permanent staff take home N60,000. Riders don’t earn up to N50,000. A whole UPS!” Narrating how he died, the source said he was informed that Late Ojo suddenly complained that he couldn’t move. “Those that were still at work rushed to assist him. Within minutes, he slumped and died before getting to the hospital. He resumed from sick leave on Wednesday. I’m sure he couldn’t afford to stay at home longer for fear of losing his job or salary cut”, he said.

Another staff of the company said while the deceased may have died of natural cause, UPS must do more to cater for its staff. “I heard our late colleague was hypertensive. Perhaps, he could have managed it well if the remuneration or HMO package for staff was better. “For instance, earlier in the year, UPS management told us that there was no productivity bonus for 2015, only for them to pay same in October 2016 after evidences showed we made profit.

“This is a multinational company where a staff’s wife was sick and admitted in a hospital. His insurance covered N100,000 but he needed about N100,000 as loan more to clear the bill. The Managing Director, Ralph Ozuode turned it down! “Staff are resigning. The truth is more than half of us will leave if we get slightly better offers. Nigeria is in recession but courier services are still making money because we service oil companies, banks, telcos embassies, government agencies, etc.”

When contacted, UPS Human Resource Manager, Seyi Fasanya, told our correspondent that there were complaints by staff but management was handling them. “On the death, I was called last (Friday) night from the office and directed that arrangements be made to take him to the hospital. Unfortunately he didn’t make it. “On our HMO, the staff complained about the initial company. We then changed to another but it appears the complaints won’t stop.

“The issue with the staff bus is that most staff work outside the office; they resume and close at different times. So what we did is to convert to transport allowance. “Also the allegation on withheld bonus is not true. UPS Nigeria was put under Dubai district. When this happened, there were process involved. We had to tender many documents and this took time.

“We are aware that staff have concerns and usually meet with them. There are issues we disagree on but we hope to rectify”.

Source: Daily Post 
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