Data Bundle Prices To Increase By December 1st?

I don't understand what is wrong with this country. I can't fathom why the devil is only using the leaders of this country to drive doom and penury to its citizens. This is uncalled for and it is inhumane. Others country run their government to favour the citizens of its country and what we do here in Nigeria is to make sure the common man will die as soon as possible.

I saw this news on Nairaland and it is not official yet. Username @Abuleoshi - Is a warning from an insider in the telecommunication industry warning Nigerians not to agree on any increase in data prices as it is not the making of the telecon. industry but that NCC have mandated them to increase their data prices.

In his own words:

As an insider in one of the GSM companies, i can reliably inform you that data rate will go up 1st December,2016. NCC has mandated all GSM Companies to raise data rates. This is sad, Nigerians should not accept it, Nigerian Government through its agencies should not make life harder for Nigerians! N1000 Will be 500MB from December 1st 2016 across all networks.

This is pathetic.
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