5 Tips: How To Caress A Woman's Breasts (Boobs) To Orgasm - Yes Is Possible

How To Caress A Woman's Breasts (Boobs) To Orgasm

Hmmm, must of the guys who like to squeeze their lady's breast anyhow or like an orange will not like this post...lol. Truth is you can make a lady orgasm by just touching that boobs. Okay somebody has pressed my start bottom this evening lolz.. This write-up was made possible by Esther Orupabo Chamberlain‎, she runs the "The Love Channels" group on Facebook. A good friend of mine.

Some guys don't really know how to get a lady in the mood. Most of them just go straight to the point which is s*x that's why i took my time this evening to tell the guys some of our weak points as ladies.
Some point to consider before entering a Lady.

Be soft and gentle with your hands. Move your hands over and under the nipples. Take the nipples with your fore-finger and thumb then rub/pinch softly. You'll notice an erection. Remember not to focus on the nipple alone. Because you can heighten that experience with your tongue, mouth and hands, caressing, licking, sucking or nibbling them. Caress them, stimulate them.
Gently squeeze her breasts. The cup them boobs in your hands and start sucking, starting very slowly. It will be nice to make circular motions with your tongue. Gather the boobs together and suck one nipple at a time.

Put one nipple in your mouth and press it softly between your tongue and your palate and then suck it softly. You can also bite the nipples VERY gently.

Use all your tongue to lick the breasts as if you are licking a plate. Be observant. Make sure you notice what she likes the most, the sucking, the pinching or the caressing. You should know this by her response to each touch. You can also ask her if she likes it done in a particular way.

Ahhhh I no follow ooo some guys are learning tonight no forget to pay me oo lolz and don't get an erection yet ooo..
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