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Ben Bruce, Dangote, AMCON & "The Buhari Factor" - Rare Analysis By Obailala

Ben Bruce, Dangote, AMCON & "The Buhari Factor" - Rare Analysis By Obailala

Hello guys, i stumbled upon this interesting piece of article and damn it was so beautifully crafted that i couldn't just read and trash it. I had to bring it to your archive and i promise, you will love it and if you don't, i will just say you hate the truth. Enjoy reading.....

“Because of a mere N11 billion debt, AMCON/Buhari and APC want to take over Silverbird”
“Buhari is simply going after his political enemies to silence them”
“The takeover of Silverbird is purely political witch-hunt”
“Is Ben Bruce the only person who owes money in Nigeria?”
“Dangote owes N209 billion but Bruce owes only N11 billion, yet Dangote is walking free”
"In fact, Buhari is a tyrant, Buhari is a dictator, a Hilter, a devil, a destroyer, we want freedom, bla bla bla…."

These are the sort cringe inducing statements spewed into cyberspace since yesterday by ‘the usual suspects,’ most of whom are supposed to be the so called leaders of tomorrow. 99% of the people spewing these thing have no clue what it means to service a loan, neither do they have a clue how AMCON operates.

They have also intentionally turned a blind eye or are just plainly ignorant of the fact that Ben Bruce is not the first person to have his business possessed; a mere application of the Common Sense which Mr Bruce has been trying hard to impart on these folks should have told them that bad loans have nothing to do with Buhari or APC or PDP or religion or region.

Just last month, AMCON possessed the business of Alhaji Sani Dangote (Bulk Pack Services Ltd) for bad loans; Sani Dangote is the younger brother of Alhaji Aliko Dangote. We did not hear this senseless cry of Buhari Buhari Buhari!!

Just 3-4 days ago, this same AMCON also repossessed properties of Mr Jimoh Ibrahim due to a defaulted N50 billion loan, they even went further to freeze his accounts. We also did not hear any shouts of Buhari!

Many other takeovers have been undertaken by AMCON in recent times from Bacita Sugar to G. Cappa to Bi-Courtney to Aero to Arik etc, most of these bad loans were bought by AMCON when they took over failed banks. All these happened under Yaradua, GEJ and then Buhari and never for once have we ever heard of people accusing the president for these, but now we have the Buhari hate factor.

It is sad to note how the reasoning of Nigerian youths have been so degraded; everything these days is viewed as witch-hunt, assault, attack, oppression and marginalisation even when glaring evidence proves otherwise. A lot of our folks need to emancipate themselves from this mental slavery.\

Which way Naija?

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