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This is For Guys - Can You Work For Your Wife Or Work In Her Company?

This is For Guys - Can You Work For Your Wife Or Work In Her Company?

I had to write this piece of information to know what people are going through out there and to also know what people think concerning this subject matter. Though primarily, i am really going through a rough patch in my relationship/marriage and i want to know how things are done. What is the right way to do it and what is the wrong way.

The question is: Can you work for your wife? Or work in her establishment or company?

This has been an unanswered question for years and while some think their is nothing wrong with it, others will prefer to push will-barrow instead of working for their wife. A friend told me that it is better he eats kpanla fish always till he makes it in life than to eat crocker fish and work for a woman he calls his wife. I don't know if i got the spelling of kpanla and crocker fish but i think you understand the gists.

Is bad enough to work in an environment were a woman is the boss. I mean you constantly have to be charming and don't get on her nerves because no matter how high a woman attends in life, she is still feminine and she is a woman. Little things gets them irritated and they are emotional creatures. And when you are unfortunate and you are working under a covetous one, you are in for shiiiiiiiit.  Needless to point out host of disadvantages in this matter.

Before i give you the opportunity to answer this question, i will like to emphasize that from were i come from, woman will always be woman. No matter how objective she agrees to be, she will always let you know that she is your boss. I mean is bad enough that she is earning more than you, but working for her? that grose.

Anyway, am talking from experience and while you answer the above question, please also answer this. When a woman or your wife is constantly trying to mold you to work for her, what does that mean? Especially when she doesn't even support you to get a job though she have all the connections?   

Make sure you state your reasons as you answer.

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