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Can You Imagine What This Couples Are Doing In Public - Jesus Christ

Just imagine what this couples are doing outdoor (in the public). What a hell is wrong with the society we live in today? Imagine how does two are shamelessly fiddling with each other in a public domain. Were have all our sense of humor and morality gone? This is so so gross. I mean, how can you even begin to justify this?

I remember the time "yesterday". When parents will make sure their kids are asleep before getting into bed to do anything so that noise will not get the kid even to wonder what daddy and mummy is doing. Children are not even allowed to watch romantic movies let a lone to ones their is s*x in it. But this days, a 4years old kid knows it all. 

Is this what modernity have caused us? Then one should be weary of modernization. I think it brings more damage than good. What a life, in the name of free society. May God and Allah help us all. 

What is your same on this?

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