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Things You Don't Want To Do That Can Turn A Lady Off - Guys Code

Except you are not mature emotionally as a lady or you are just too incapable of stepping up your game, the following characters should be a total turn-off for any right thinking lady with class!

1. "Mature" guys that sag: You can see the mature in quotation marks because I doubt if they are really mature! Some guys who are above 30 still sag their trousers! Don't you look at yourself in the mirror and see how you look like a condemned prisoner on Death Row to be hanged? Dress decently guys and stop all these silly attributes of a naïve teen that you are always trying to put up! That's irresponsibility to the core!!! No responsible woman will date you abegcheesy

2. Calling a girl countless times: Its time to behave yourselves guys. When you call a girl up to 3 times and she's not picking, chill and see if she calls you back. If she doesn't, it means she isn't into you at all. If she calls back, fine. You should know this by now; calling her all the way when she's not picking exposes you as a desperate love-starved guy that can used and dumped! Personally, this turns me off.

3. Wanting to have s*x immediately you meet a girl: Except she is a woman of easy virtue, demanding for s*x or trying to entice her to sleep with you would definitely turn a right-thinking woman off immediately! What if she's your sister? Would you want another guy to get down with her just like that? It is the unusual, abnormal and unnecessary thirst for s*x that makes many guys to act like programmed machineswink when you see a woman, you begin to analyze her female anatomy with your ravened eyes like hungry lions because small shawarma and probably, 2 bottles of SNAP that you bought.

4. Begging a girl to love you: Any guy that begs me to love him has already been seen as an incurable mugu by me. It is a huge turn-off!!! Whether you do it through phone call, sms or face to face, its still the same thing. Do you know how you appear when you do this? Like a dumb ass! Yea, a dumb blokegrin Some would even go as far as kneeling down for you.

5. Bad English: When some guys open their mouths to speak, you would be surprised! They can't even differentiate past tense from present tense or past-participle from past tense! A guy once met me at a mall and asked: "Did you attend Uniport? Your face looks similar" cheesy. I held myself back from bursting out laughing!!! Instantly, right there, standing with him, I was turned off and I left him staring into the air like an abandoned child.

6. Begging a girl for cash and other goodies:

Whenever guys rant about digging in girls, I just laugh. I have experienced it several times and first-hand, where guys beg as if there's no tomorrow for stuffs like cash, recharge cards, etc. This is shameful. Its disgraceful angry If I want to get a present for a guy or give him cash, which is not advisable if he's not a worthy person, I'll do that from my heart but not you scheming and begging. Why don't you get up your lazy butt and look for something useful to do with your life? You think Nigerian ladies are like those white women you scam daily? We are far wiser...but some ladies still fall for such romantic scam all in the name of love from Mr Smooth-talker!

7. Irresponsible life-style: Some guys don't even consider their age. They still feel they are 10 years old. They do nothing other than smoking skunk, weed, cigarette, popping Tramadol and all silly types of drugs you can ever imagine. That's a huge turn-off if you don't know. Only the awful smell that emanate from your body after smoking and excessive drinking can even make a woman leave you immediately!

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